QUestions & Answers

 1.)  Do you ship your cats?

-  No.  If you are interested in adopting, you must come in person to get your kitten

2.)  Where are you located?

-  Maple Ridge, BC.  Just 40 minutes east of Vancouver, BC Canada

3.)  Do you sell any young adults or retired breeders?

-  No, only kittens.  All my cats will stay with us here long after their breeding career is over.  They are our pets first, breeders second

4.)  Do you cage your cats?

-  No.  My cats are free to roam wherever they choose in our home

5.)  How many litters do you have a year?  

-  One or two.  We are a very small cattery!

6.)   How large are your cats?  How large will the kittens grow?

-  My breeders are petite in size, and weigh 5-6 lbs.  All kittens should be approximately 5-6 lbs when they are fully grown

7.)  What color is their fur?  

- Chinchilla Silver Persians have pure white undercoats.  Their fur is tipped with silver.  The silver tipping on my cats is found on their head, back, sides and tail.  To give you an idea of how much silver is tipped, on a 3 inch strand of fur, only 1 cm is silver - the remainder of the strand is white

8.)  What eye color will the kittens have when they are fully grown?

- My breeders have intense green and turquoise eye color.  All the kittens start off having blue eyes, but their eye color will gradually change to green / blue or green when they are fully mature

9.)  Which is better - male or female?

- Across the board, my cats are loving, cuddly and loyal.  Males and females are equally loving and sweet - neither one is better over the other.  With that said, I produce kittens with two kinds of personalities - dominate or passive. That is, they either take after their mother (dominate) or their father (passive).  Kittens with dominate personalities are more confident and playful, whereas those with passive personalities are more timid, and like to cuddle more.  Both males and females can have either personality

10.)  Will these cats destroy my furniture?

- Chinchilla Silver Persians by nature are not an active breed of cat, and therefore are not as interested in sharpening their claws as often as other breeds.  Now, kittens will be kittens, and this breed is no different than any other kitten who has a lot of energy to burn!  They will run, jump and could accidentally cause a rip or tear in your furniture.  To be on the safe side, cover up your furniture (couch, chair, ottoman) for a few months until kitty is more mature (and less active) -  approximately at 1 year old.  As long as a good quality scratching post is provided, these cats should not destroy your furniture

11.)  How often should I feed my kitten?

-  Every 6-8 hours, or whenever they are hungry!  Kittens are growing and become young adults at 1 year old.  Please feed your baby as much as he / she asks for

12.)  What do I feed my cats?

- My cats are fed primarily a homemade food diet. I also feed Royal Canin and Natural Balance commercial canned and dry food.  My cats eat mostly wet food and very little dry food.  Why?  Because dry food dehydrates cats which leads to an array of health problems and shortened life span. The homemade food I feed my cats contains no preservatives and is much healthier than feeding a commercial food diet.  I hold homemade food making tutorials for all new owners so they can learn how to make homemade food for their new baby!

13.)  Do Persian cats eat off special dishes?

- Yes!  All my cats eat their food from dishes that are flat.  Flat dishes allow for easier feeding as the flat faces of Persians makes it difficult for them to eat their food from bowls.  The dishes they eat from are stainless steel or porcelain - not plastic.  All dishes are raised off the floor by a few inches to prevent neck strain when feeding.

14.)  Where should I keep their water / food dishes?

- Cats are very special!  They do NOT like their water bowl right beside their food.  Water bowls should be placed in different areas of the house - not next to their feeding area - to encourage them to drink.  Use larger sized stainless steel bowls for water, not plastic.  Plastic dishes cause chin acne, and harbor bacteria.  Some cats prefer to drink their water from cups.  See what your baby likes, then place either cups or bowls of water thorough the house.  Change them daily.  Use FILTERED water only as tap water causes crystals to form in their urine.  Cats are desert creatures by nature and do not typically drink a lot of water.  Placing water bowls or water cups in areas they like to sleep or frequently walk by as this will encourage more drinking.  

15.)  Are the kittens litter trained before going to their new homes?

-  Yes!

16.)  What kind of litter should the kittens use?

-  I use Swheat Scoop or Worlds Best Cat Litter.  Both are natural and are edible if your baby ingests it.  It is important to use a natural based litter for kittens as they like to taste test their litter!  When the kittens are more mature (6-8 mths old), you can introduce a clay based litter and mix it into the natural based litter.  Otherwise, please only use a natural corn based litter for kittens for the first few months after bringing baby home with you.  Never use Pine pellets for litter - they are toxic

17.)  How much time and care do these cats require?

- Chinchilla Silver Persians are long haired cats. They require daily grooming (combing of the fur), daily cleaning of their eyes, daily dental hygiene, and weekly bathing (plus blow drying).  Their claws need to be clipped, and their ears also need to be cleaned.  They will also require the occasional bum wash if they have a messy bowel movement

18.)   How long does it take for this cat to reach full maturity?

-  Chinchilla Silver Persians are like wine - they get better with age!  This breed is slow to develop, and it can sometimes take up to 3 years or more for their true eye color to develop, for their facial structure to take full form, and for their true coat color and markings to shine through

19.)  Do you produce any *pet* quality cats?

-  Nope!  We only produce Show Quality cats.  It is our personal preference to work with the Creme-de-la-Creme of bloodlines!  

20.)  Are you still breeding?

No.  We have officially RETIRED and are no longer breeding as of SEPTEMBER 2018