Darien Charmer

Yes, I am handsome and oh, so sweet and gentle!  I love to purr, kiss and cuddle, and make love nests on your chest with my paws.  I am relaxed, laid back and just a big cuddly bear in your arms!  I love to stare into your eyes and mesmerize you with my charming good-looks!

Kylie Sue

I am a Treasure - the Crown Jewel to be exact!  I am spunky and love to play, yet I am very loving and cuddly!  I am a wonderful mother and teach all my babies how to purr, cuddle and fall asleep in your arms!  Oh, I am super intuitive too!  I am a special *Therapist* part time when I am not raising my babies, and know just what to do at the right time to make it all better!